Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Repair

We all know the reputation of iPhone repairs, with their easily broken screens and sometimes expensive cost to repair them. Unfortunately iPhones are not the only phones that break. Every modern smart phone has a glass screen, and glass can be broken. This might affect you if you own a phone from one of Apple’s biggest competitors; Samsung, maybe one of the popular Samsung Galaxy phones?

phone repair samsung galaxy

Screens on Samsung Galaxy phones can be more reliable and less fragile, but their glass screens are nowhere near invincible, and they can be broken. This means if you own one you might be in the market for a screen replacement. If you are, Best Phone Repairs can help.

The thing to keep in mind for Samsung phones, is that just the glass screen can break, with the LCD still working. In this case you want to look for a phone repair that can just change the screen, without paying extra for the LCD fixed as well. We can help with that.

samsung galaxy phone repair

In this modern day and age, you also need your Samsung phone repair to be done quickly, no-one has time for a two day wait, which may occur when going through Samsung for your repair. Not to mention the extra cost! Why worry about that when you can get your Samsung phone repaired in less than 2 hours, for a much cheaper cost, warranty included!

For an example of our work, lets walk through how we would fix a screen for a Samsung Galaxy S7. A job we can do in a short time, with expertise and top tools, and for less than the Samsung store.

samsung galaxy screen repair

The difficulty with the Samsung Galaxy S7, is that the entire phone needs to come apart for the replacement of the front screen. This is why we recommend getting a professional like us to do the job. This makes it a technical and difficult job, but we are trained experts, and you can trust us to do the job right.

One of the important tools we use, right from the start, is a magnetic pad. This keeps everything together on our work surface, making sure nothing is lost or misplaced. Then we need to remove the back cover of the phone. This involves using a heat gun, to loosen the adhesive. When the adhesive is weakened, we can use an isesamo tool, specifically designed to carefully pry open the screens on phones.

samsung galaxy isesamo tool

Once the back cover is removed, a phillips head screwdriver is used to open the 12 screws holding everything in place. Then, a spudger and tweezers are used to carefully remove the insides of the phone. This will allow access to the display connecter, needed to attach the new display.

samsung galaxy back screen removed

Then, the heat gun and isesamo tool are used again, this time to remove the broken front screen. This needs to be done carefully to ensure no damage to avoid damage to the home and navigation buttons. When the screen is removed, all the old adhesive must also be removed carefully. This will allow use of a new one for the new screen.

samsung galaxy front screen replacement

We use industrial strength B7000 glue, considered the best in the market for phone repairs. This glue with ensure your new screen stays on, and doesn’t interfere with any of the workings of the new screen. With the new screen on, we can turn the phone around to reconnect everything from the back. This is difficult, as things need to be done carefully and correctly, to ensure everything works like new. Luckily for you, you don’t need to worry about that, as our trained experts know exactly what they are doing.

b7000 glue samsung galaxy

Once the back screen is on, sealed with fresh adhesive, your Samsung Galaxy phone repair is done! You can have piece of mind through our warranty that your phone and its new screen are going to be working perfectly, just like new.  

Have we convinced you to finally bite the bullet and get that cracked screen removed, with a brand new one in its place? If so, you can contact us.  In a rush? Head into one of our three conveniently located stores to get your Samsung phone repair done quickly and professionally.

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