Screen Repair   $649


Microsoft surface pro 5 repairs in Melbourne Australia. We are expert in repairing Microsoft Surface Pro 5 screens.

We have quality parts and professional technicians in store to fix your device in a couple of hours.

If you have broken your Microsoft surface pro 5 screen and looking for reliable repair, look no further than Phonebeats.

At Phonebeats technicians are ensured to fix your device with care and keep your data safe and secure for any privacy reason. We also make sure to use highest quality part available in the market to make the repair as best as possible.

Laptop/tablet/phones are very big part of life these days. Microsoft devices are very high-tech and can get further damage if not repaired by professional. So at Phonebeats we make sure that you get the best result possible.

Following recent damages fixed on Microsoft Surface Pro 5:

-Broken Screen

-Broken LCD

-faulty Charge port

-Faulty headphone Jack

-Faulty cameras