Huawei P30 Repair

Huawei P30 repair in Melbourne with expert repair technicians and high quality parts.

Repair Features

  • Standard warranty is available on all repairs.
  • We have been specially trained to repair Huawei P20 mobiles.
  • Quick and purposeful. Repair deadlines are maintained.
  • All repairs are reasonably priced.
  • Fix most fault in Huawei P30 Pro.
  • Strict adherence to the manufacturer's specifications.


Huawei P30 screen repair in Melbourne CBD by qualified professionals. We have expert technicians and high-quality parts available to fix your Huawei P30 pro screen on the spot.

Our friendly and welcoming staff is capable to have it ready while you have lunch or cup of coffee. New devices are pretty high tech these days and they also have very fragile parts inside. So if these devices are handled by unprofessional they can cause more damage it.



With Phonebeats, you do not have to worry about it. Our trained experts can fix it in just minutes.  We cover all types of repair for Huawei P20, whether its broken screen or broken LCD, broken charge port, headphones not working properly or any other issue.


Phonebeats can fix the following damages to Huawei P30,

-Broken Screens

-Broken LCD

-Faulty charging port

-Faulty Headphone Jack

-Faulty back/front cameras

-Motherboard issues

-Broken parts

Please feel free to contact us on 0450305480.

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