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iPhone Repairs Melbourne
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4 Best accessories for your iPhone 6s Plus | iPhone Repair | BestPhoneRepairs 

The mighty iPhone. Strong. Sophisticated. Elegant. Powerful. And now, to be made even more powerful, sophisticated and technologically advanced. You didn’t think you could get more out of your iPhone did you? Well with the iPhone 6s Plus, there are attachments and accessories which will really improve your daily use of your iPhone. So we at BestPhoneRepair have listed the top 4 best accessories you must have for your iPhone! 

All of your iPhone Repair needs right here!

1) The mighty selfie stick!

Iphone Repair
Selfie Stick Goodness

The selfie stick! The pinnacle of all touristy, selfie related goodness. Now for the selfie stick, there is no specific product that needs addressing. They all do pretty much the same thing. Your preference however, is to its features and design, which will dictate which product in the selfie stick product line, you decide to purchase. However the Selfie Stick is a must have for any iPhone device.

What you can do with the selfie stick? it will come with you on your holiday, recording and capturing all the perfect moments from your journey. Which did i mention, will have new angles which make you look amazing. It also will be there, on a night out, or a day trip. Perfect. With your trusty selfie stick (which folds up to tuck away in a purse, backpack or even your back pocket!) is always ready to be used to capture the best pictures and the best angles. Most of these include bluetooth connectivity so with a press of a button on the stem, you have an amazing picture or video. It even works when you’re just chilling on the couch and want a nice flick with the new puppy you just brought, thats going up on your tinder profile for sure!

The selfie stick buyers guide will outline the key points to be considered when you’re making your purchase decision. Some of the key points you need to address are: the holder and its options and features, the stem shutter button, how expandable and portable is the selfie stick, and what angles can you get from the selfie stick. With the knowledge from the selfie stick buyers guide, you will be taking great quality photos in no time. Make sure you do purchase a good quality selfie stick, the worst thing that can happen is your iPhone dropping on the floor because it wasn’t attached properly now your phone needs iPhone Repair.

2) Mad Catz CTRLi – iPhone Controller

Iphone Screen Repair Melbourne
Mad Catz CTRLI Controller

Now this one is a must have! Lounging at home on a Sunday night, what a perfect way to unwind then to start playing some of your favourite games on your phone while you surf the internet on your computer or watch a movie. Gaming on your phone just became easier. The Mad Cats CTRLi iPhone gaming controller, thats amazing. Available on amazon so it is shipped right to your door.

The Mad Catz mobile gaming controller is bluetooth enabled for any iPhone or Apple device (iPad) which is running IOS 8 or later. The design is laid out for the most comfort while its usability is perfect for gaming needs. and with products such as these, you can expect to see a rise in mobile games which will be best suited for gaming controllers! We hope however, that you don’t get too angry playing your games that you throw or punch your phone…. if you do, call BestPhoneRepairs for the best iPhone Repair Melbourne.

Featuring a removable clip to hold your device, this product is well build, comfortable and responsive and works with both iPhones and iPads via bluetooth, and via Amazon it is under $50! lounging and playing games on your phone will never be the same.

3) Olloclip Camera Accessory

iPhone repairs melbourne
OlloClip 4 in 1

This one will really change up your Instagram game, leaving all of your friends and followers jealous of the photos you’re taking. This lens is one of the most popular iPhone lens accessories on the market. The OlloClip for your iPhone is a must have. It features a wide-angle lens, fisheye lens and two macro lenses! This small portable lens you can carry anywhere, perfect if you know your going to have a bit of creative time between with your iPhone! You even Get a small soft bag to carry the device, which slips on and off the iPhone nice and easy!

Having a quick search through the internet you can find many positive reviews on the OlloClip Camera Accessory.  Instead of downloading apps to your iPhone which really don’t produce the camera effects they promise, invest in an OlloClip instead. Another must have for your phone.

 4) The worlds thinnest battery portable charger case – ThinCharge Battery Case

iPhone Screen Repair Melbourne
ThinCharge Battery Case

The ThinCharge. The newest most elegant battery case around. With this accessory you will save your phone when you need it most. At work, in the car, out and about or on a holiday, because this revolutionary case holds two times more charge than your phones battery. The difference? It doesn’t look like all the other “unappealing” battery charging cases on the market. If your battery isn’t lasting you as long as it is supposed to and you’re waiting on some iPhone Repairs, then this case is perfect. 

Light and thin the Portable Charger Case can charge your phone anywhere with the use of a single button, which has an inbuilt LED power indicator. This case is only 11mm THIN! Thats amazing. Coming in three different colours, it wont make your phone look like you have a big bulky case on it, but a rather nice and clean sophisticated case suited for any occasion. If battery is your problem then this thing is perfect. 


With these 4 accessories you will be perfectly equiped to make even more out of your iPhone.

For any iPhone repair on your 6s Plus or any other iPhones – Click Here to visit BestPhoneRepairs