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10 Secrets for Better Smartphone Battery Life

How to make sure that your smartphone battery life is as good as it can be? That smartphone of yours which fits in your pocket, your hand, and has pretty much entered your entire lifestyle, is the modern miracle. Although it is revolutionizing the tech-world, if you keep your smartphone running constantly it will burn off pretty quickly. And we know, there is nothing worse than looking at your phone and realizing it is going to die soon. Or maybe that it is already dead.

smartphone battery life

So here are the 10 essentials to take care of that cornerstone component – your smartphone battery life.

  1. Turn down the brightness, right away

For starters, the best way to keep your phone from dying at the speed of light, is to put the light on little low. It is an obvious tip but putting the brightness below 50% does help in saving your smartphone battery life considerably. If you are too lazy to do it on your own, you can put the night mode on your iPhone. This is going to take care of saving the battery by keeping the brightness low, or as needed. It’s also a good idea to make sure the “Auto-brightness” mode is turned on. This way the screen will automatically dim if you’re in a dark setting.

  1. Come-on, fetch your own emails

Push notifications come handy but they drain so much of your smartphone battery life. And it’s not just emails. It’s everything that keeps popping on your locked screen, reminding you about what you have missed. Think about what goes behind you getting that notification: it takes your phone light, sound, and, if your setting allows, it vibrates too. All that eats up your smartphone battery life. We recommend to toggle push notification options in your settings screen or within the apps themselves, in order to remove all but the vital stuff.

  1. Put your location services on with caution

Have you noticed how when you are around a particular place, your phone sends out updates and good deals from the places around you, especially through food and leisure apps such as Zomato, Yelp, Uber Eats etc? Also, have you noticed how your phone automatically reminds you to check in and tag status updates? Well, this is happening because you have left your GPS data on. This takes toll on your smartphone battery life, so it is a good idea to keep a track of it. You can tell if an app is using location services by looking out for a small arrow on the top of your menu bar.

  1. Switch your wallpaper to a darker shade

Most of the Android devices use AMOLED display, in which each pixel displayed on the screen takes up a lot of battery life. If you are using an iPhone, then you can give this one a pass. But if you have an Android, and you are wondering why is your phone dying too quickly, then try adding more black or darker pixels to your screen. Set a dark wallpaper as your default, and try using dark themes on apps when possible.

  1. Swipe up and wipe away those apps that you never close

On your iPhone, if you click your home button twice, it will show you all the apps that are running in the background when you are not even using them. They are sapping your smartphone battery life. You can save so much battery by just wiping them away after use. The other way to manage these apps on iPhone is to quickly push the home button on the bottom of your iPhone twice to bring up a row of apps currently open on your device. Then hold your finger on one until they all start jiggling: simply tap the red “minus” icon to close the apps completely. Android, on the other hand, has this brilliant feature of “multitask”, which can be managed by closing it via “Manage Applications” and “Running” options on the setting page. It takes a bit of an effort but Android users just need to go down the list and “Force Stop” or “Stop” those apps that are not used and are taking all your smartphone battery life.

  1. If you are not using WiFi, then keep it off

Your phone is a smartphone for a reason, it is pretty darn smart. It sniffs available wireless internet that you can connect to when you don’t even want to use it. So, if you are not using your phone or maybe if you are connected using mobile data, then just follow this simple-but-forgettable tip to put your Wi-Fi off. This will stop your phone from automatically searching for networks—even when you think it’s not—thereby saving your smartphone battery life.

  1. Keep it easy, not too warm, not too cold

Your phone’s battery is made up of Lithium-Ion. This might be irrelevant info but this battery technically cannot withstand extreme weather conditions. If the battery gets too got, it will drain faster. Getting hot will also degrade the battery’s maximum life over time. So some basic tips are: don’t shove your phone in the pockets of super tight jeans, near the stove, under the direct sunlight or inside a roasting car.

  1. Put it on battery saving mode

Just follow these quick steps: open settings, go to battery and put the low power mode on. You can do the same on Android by changing battery settings. The only downside is that the low power mode gets automatically removed when the phone is 80% or more charged. So, it does take a manual labor plus memory, but if you are able to put it on that mode, you will be thanking yourself later.

  1. Consult a battery Doc

There are specific apps that are made for Android and Apple which help you keep track of your smartphone battery life and its usage. These apps monitor your habits and automatically adjust features on your phone to help you save battery life, in case you forget the basics. The best app for Android is created by Qualcomm, known as Snapdragon Battery Guru and if you use iPhone, you can download the app called Power Plus. If you think none of these work, then you can go to some companies around you who offer a free battery check and also replacement if needed. Best Phone Repair offers this service for iPhone, Samsung and most of the other smartphone brands.

  1. If all fails, go get a new battery  

You tried all the tips and had your battery checked, but nothing helped. In that case, your obvious solution to this problem is to get a new battery. If you are an Android user, you have an option to keep an additional battery and keep it charged, in case of an emergency. However, when it comes to iPhones, you don’t have an option to switch out batteries. However, you can use external packs to add some extra smartphone battery life to your phone.

Iphone 7 Plus Repair
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iPhone 7 Plus | iPhone Repair

iPhone 7 Plus – iPhone Repair Melbourne

The iPhone 7 Plus. A popular iPhone harvesting great technical features as well as a stunning design. It really sucks when your iPhone 7 Plus is broken or damaged doesn’t it? Thats when an experienced technician can aid your repair. Minor repairs completed within 30 minutes and all other general repairs generally not exceeding an hour, lets you get back to browsing memes… Faster.

iPhone Repair Melbourne
iPhone 7 Plus


The features of the iPhone 7 Plus, The 7 Plus has a fantastic 5.5inch touch screen display, offers a huge screen size great for videos and social media! With its also amazing colours. The whites are white and the colours are mesmerising, making for a great screen to look at. The phone run’s on 3gb of RAM, which lets it run smooth and fast. The different storage options available (32gb, 128gb, 256gb) lets you hold all of your memories and other important things in the palm of your hand! However, you cannot expand the memory capacity any further.

The camera is a 12 megapixel camera on the back with a great 7 megapixel on the front, for all your forward facing selfie needs. Instagram will love your selfies and photos!

The iPhone 7 Plus accepts a nano sim, and the connectivity options are everything you need. Bluetooth, 4g, wifi, but it also includes a compass magnetometer, proximity sensor, accelerometer, ambient light sensor, a gyroscope and barometer. The tech features on the 7 Plus are great! Mostly unnoticed but they really make a difference in the overall experience.

Iphone Repair
Amazing iPhone 7 Plus Screen Size

Technical Repairs

Technical repairs often must be very pin-point and precise, and thats why having and experienced technician do the job is important. Having a trained professional repair your iPhone will ensure that you leave with no further issues after your phone has been repaired.

Your iPhone 7 Plus needs phone repair. Easy, thats not a problem for one of our technicians. Our experienced technicians are friendly and have been extensively trained in repairing your phone. In 30 minutes to an hour you will have your phone back in your hands ready to go!

The services offered for your iPhone 7 Plus include: Screen repair, phone vibration repair, loudspeaker repair, speaker repairs, charging port and battery replacement.

Click here to see more of our services for your iPhone 7 Plus.

Located in Melbourne, BestPhoneRepair will be there for all of your damaged iPhone repairs and needs, offering incredible service for your  iPhone Repair Melbourne!

iPhone 7 Plus – When you need your phone repair

iPhone Repair Melbourne! Come in and  talk to one of our friendly technicians today to get a phone repair, we will answer any questions you have regarding your iPhone or any other phone makes also!

Click here for our live help hotline, or find a store!

iPhone Repair
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Why you should stick with your iPhone 7

Don’t forget me! – Why you should keep your iPhone 7

The humble yet ambitious beginning of the iPhone products has brung Apple to this point in time… the launch of their iPhone 8 and iPhone X products. And for your iPhone 7, it brung the time of fear… it’s replacement time (or iPhone Repair time – because you’ve used it a while). But should it be?

Phone Repair Melbourne

Apples Newest additions

It is no secret that Apple has a fanbase which goes wild on the hype and innovation of any new product, no matter how small the changes might be with a new product. It is also no secret that Apple has an exceptional marketing department which produces amazing communication with its customers.

But only a year after its release on September, the newest additions are being released, welcome to the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. But is this the really time to replace your iPhone 7. iPhone Repair? Definitely

Sure the features are new and improved in the new iPhone variants (iPhone 8, iPhone X), and some selling points like the bigger screen usage of the iPhone X or camera quality, or even the processor might persuade you to make the switch are there. Thats fine, but it may not be the time to say goodbye to your trusty old iPhone 7.

Iphone Repair Melbourne

So what are the differences between the iPhones?

The main changes are internal as well as some design changes, but overall the phones are not that different. Maybe not letting go of your iPhone 7 is the way to go.

The main differences include: a new chipset for the iPhone 8 and X (A11 Bionic from the older A10 Fusion), The battery capabilities (very small however), and the introduction of wireless charging (which you can still do with your 7 if you have the right gadgets). But the iPhone X holds very similar changes internally also apart from its complete redesign, it now introduces the facial recognition and removed the home touch button.

Design wise, the 7 and 8 are relatively similar, the real changes are with the iPhone X.

“So you’re telling me that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 are almost the same”

Not exactly, but in other words… just about

Why should i keep my iPhone 7 then?

Well unless you’ve decided that you’re going to purchase the iPhone X, for the design and other internal elements and gimmicks it harbours (then of course go for it), the toss up between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 are very very small.

Reasons why you should keep your trusty old iPhone 7? Heres a few: 

For starters, with a more expensive phone, comes a more expensive Phone Repair price, especially for iPhone Repairs and iPhone Screen Repairs – and the newer iPhones are made from glass (the introduction of glass backing – which can make it more grippy), which means they will break easier if you drop them *sad face*

The price, oh the price… The price of the new iPhones is relatively high, and in comparison to what you’re going to get, its almost the same phone! Why would you want to spend that much money just to have facial recognition… but then again…

And here is the biggest reason not to buy the new iPhone: Is your iPhone running incredibly slow? Is there anything really wrong with it? Can it still keep up with your daily needs and perform the way it was intended? Is it more than a year old?

If your iPhone 7 is working perfectly fine, and performing the way it’s meant too, why would you want to get rid of your little tech friend so soon!

 Iphone Repair

“DON’T FORGET ME” iPhone 7

But if your iPhone 7 is damaged and needs iPhone Repair Melbourne, well then Click Here to visit BestPhoneRepair





iPhone Repairs Melbourne
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4 Best accessories for your iPhone 6s Plus | iPhone Repair | BestPhoneRepairs 

The mighty iPhone. Strong. Sophisticated. Elegant. Powerful. And now, to be made even more powerful, sophisticated and technologically advanced. You didn’t think you could get more out of your iPhone did you? Well with the iPhone 6s Plus, there are attachments and accessories which will really improve your daily use of your iPhone. So we at BestPhoneRepair have listed the top 4 best accessories you must have for your iPhone! 

All of your iPhone Repair needs right here!

1) The mighty selfie stick!

Iphone Repair
Selfie Stick Goodness

The selfie stick! The pinnacle of all touristy, selfie related goodness. Now for the selfie stick, there is no specific product that needs addressing. They all do pretty much the same thing. Your preference however, is to its features and design, which will dictate which product in the selfie stick product line, you decide to purchase. However the Selfie Stick is a must have for any iPhone device.

What you can do with the selfie stick? it will come with you on your holiday, recording and capturing all the perfect moments from your journey. Which did i mention, will have new angles which make you look amazing. It also will be there, on a night out, or a day trip. Perfect. With your trusty selfie stick (which folds up to tuck away in a purse, backpack or even your back pocket!) is always ready to be used to capture the best pictures and the best angles. Most of these include bluetooth connectivity so with a press of a button on the stem, you have an amazing picture or video. It even works when you’re just chilling on the couch and want a nice flick with the new puppy you just brought, thats going up on your tinder profile for sure!

The selfie stick buyers guide will outline the key points to be considered when you’re making your purchase decision. Some of the key points you need to address are: the holder and its options and features, the stem shutter button, how expandable and portable is the selfie stick, and what angles can you get from the selfie stick. With the knowledge from the selfie stick buyers guide, you will be taking great quality photos in no time. Make sure you do purchase a good quality selfie stick, the worst thing that can happen is your iPhone dropping on the floor because it wasn’t attached properly now your phone needs iPhone Repair.

2) Mad Catz CTRLi – iPhone Controller

Iphone Screen Repair Melbourne
Mad Catz CTRLI Controller

Now this one is a must have! Lounging at home on a Sunday night, what a perfect way to unwind then to start playing some of your favourite games on your phone while you surf the internet on your computer or watch a movie. Gaming on your phone just became easier. The Mad Cats CTRLi iPhone gaming controller, thats amazing. Available on amazon so it is shipped right to your door.

The Mad Catz mobile gaming controller is bluetooth enabled for any iPhone or Apple device (iPad) which is running IOS 8 or later. The design is laid out for the most comfort while its usability is perfect for gaming needs. and with products such as these, you can expect to see a rise in mobile games which will be best suited for gaming controllers! We hope however, that you don’t get too angry playing your games that you throw or punch your phone…. if you do, call BestPhoneRepairs for the best iPhone Repair Melbourne.

Featuring a removable clip to hold your device, this product is well build, comfortable and responsive and works with both iPhones and iPads via bluetooth, and via Amazon it is under $50! lounging and playing games on your phone will never be the same.

3) Olloclip Camera Accessory

iPhone repairs melbourne
OlloClip 4 in 1

This one will really change up your Instagram game, leaving all of your friends and followers jealous of the photos you’re taking. This lens is one of the most popular iPhone lens accessories on the market. The OlloClip for your iPhone is a must have. It features a wide-angle lens, fisheye lens and two macro lenses! This small portable lens you can carry anywhere, perfect if you know your going to have a bit of creative time between with your iPhone! You even Get a small soft bag to carry the device, which slips on and off the iPhone nice and easy!

Having a quick search through the internet you can find many positive reviews on the OlloClip Camera Accessory.  Instead of downloading apps to your iPhone which really don’t produce the camera effects they promise, invest in an OlloClip instead. Another must have for your phone.

 4) The worlds thinnest battery portable charger case – ThinCharge Battery Case

iPhone Screen Repair Melbourne
ThinCharge Battery Case

The ThinCharge. The newest most elegant battery case around. With this accessory you will save your phone when you need it most. At work, in the car, out and about or on a holiday, because this revolutionary case holds two times more charge than your phones battery. The difference? It doesn’t look like all the other “unappealing” battery charging cases on the market. If your battery isn’t lasting you as long as it is supposed to and you’re waiting on some iPhone Repairs, then this case is perfect. 

Light and thin the Portable Charger Case can charge your phone anywhere with the use of a single button, which has an inbuilt LED power indicator. This case is only 11mm THIN! Thats amazing. Coming in three different colours, it wont make your phone look like you have a big bulky case on it, but a rather nice and clean sophisticated case suited for any occasion. If battery is your problem then this thing is perfect. 


With these 4 accessories you will be perfectly equiped to make even more out of your iPhone.

For any iPhone repair on your 6s Plus or any other iPhones – Click Here to visit BestPhoneRepairs
iPhone Screen Repair Melbourne
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iPhone 6s – DIY iPhone Screen Repair

Don’t DIY iPhone Screen Repair | iPhone 6s | BestPhoneRepair

iPhone Repair Melbourne

Oh the joys of dropping your beloved iPhone. The horror of having to pick up your iPhone off the floor when it is laying facedown. It is like a crime scene. The anxiety having to turn around your iPhone to reveal that the screen – due to the fall – has been badly damaged, it stills works, you just cant really see or read anything through the cracks. What are your options? Well if your phone has warranty it is best to goto Apple, this way your warranty is not voided. The other options are iPhone Screen Repair Melbourne based stores to find a place to fix your phone. or, you can take a giant risk and attempt an iPhone Screen Repair yourself via the DIY iPhone Screen repair kit. (Do It Yourself Screen Repair)

The DIY iPhone Screen Repair kit

So what exactly is an DIY iPhone Screen Repair kit… It is a Do It Yourself kit in a box. It covers all the elements you need to undertake your very own repair at home. However it does give you full control of the risk, and if you stuff up the repair… then, well the iPhone Screen Repair at a shop is going to be alot more expensive.

These kits include: A replacement Screen, Step by Step instructions, the tools required to pull apart and then put back together, Suction cups, picks, sim card tray opening tools, and micro fibre cleaning cloths.iPhone Screen Repair

These kits are subjective, due to obviously each individual kit offering you different things in regards to what is packaged, what is needed and your iPhone which needs the repair. Generally the kits can range from $10 – $150! But are they really worth your time and effort to produce the results… what if it doesn’t work?

There are many many mixed reviews about the kits, but generally speaking, not everyone may have the hand eye coordination to ensure a clean fix to their iPhone screen. This is why it may always be better to trust a professional with your iPhone Screen Repair.

Online ecommerce platforms are the most popular methods for sourcing DIY iPhone Screen Repair kits.

Danger with using the kit

iPhone Screen Repair MelbourneAlthough it is possible to use the kit, not being a professional in the area of iPhone Screen Repairs means that this job, generally up to 30 minutes, may take the average Joe, a few hours of fiddling before the phone is put together again. With no promises of it actually working.

The problem lies with the inexperience of the individual who is attempting the repair for themselves. Without a previous history conducting iPhone Screen Repairs, learning from mistakes, it is more than likely that the iPhone Screen Repair will end up being in shambles or not working. Or worse off, damaging the phone further.

The problem with the iPhone Screen Repair kits, is that although yes they do provide you with all the tools and information to perform the delicate task (as there are alot of small parts involved behind the screens), it is only a rough guide. Definitely not like someone showing you how to do it, after following the instructions you’re basically on your own to trouble shoot any problems that were not mentioned in the instructions.

These days we have YouTube thankfully. But even with this amazing technology, the screen repair can still be a failed attempt. It may take you 2 hours of watching videos to learn what to do, before spending 3 hours actually doing it. Which can be avoided if the pro does it for 30 minutes…. at this stage the cheap and effective cost of iPhone Screen Replacement kits really come into picture.

Here is a story of this exact thing happening.

Always trust a professional

Professionals not only have more than just a working knowledge on your products. They have the experience and “know how” to deal with any of the issues that your iPhone is facing, in timeswhen the problem, may not just be as black and white as it appears to be.

Why spend 4 hours trying to replace your iPhone Screen when a professional can conduct a iPhone Screen Repair in. No better joy than getting your phone back without any scratches and cracks on the screen, ready for use. Ensured that any other problems are dealt with.

Click Here to speak to one of our friendly staff if you need iPhone Screen Repair on your iPhone today!

iPhone Screen Repair Melbourne
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They Call it Bendy – iPhone 6 Plus Bending Problems – iPhone Repair Melbourne

The craze of “BendGate”

The iPhone 6 Plus saw the emergence of a huge screen compared to other Apple iPhones which sent the customers and loyalists crazy. That is however, until one discovered that the iPhone 6 Plus had a slight problem… the problem named “BendGate”. The iPhone would bend under pressure, either from the hands of the customer, or by sitting on the phone while it was in pocket. It makes sense. A bigger, longer, phone. That offers more opportunity for flexing within the device, especially due to the fact that the iPhone 6 Plus was also thinner.

“BendGate” BendGate was the internet sensation viral video, of the iPhone 6 Plus being bent by the hands at a weak point on the phone. Unbox Therapy demonstrated this on YouTube and within 24 Hours the viral video already had 5 million views.

The video now sits on 70 million views.

So what actually is the problem with the phone? Why were there so many people rushing to iPhone Repair Melbourne stores across the state to fix their bent iPhones.

The cause of the “BendGate” Flex

iPhone Repair Melbourne

The problem of the iPhone 6 Plus bend is due to the frame structurally being made out of aluminium. Aluminium is generally a soft metal and is very flexible, therefore when enough pressure is put onto the frame the phone will “bend” or flex.

With the construction of the iPhone 6 Plus, the weak spot (located next to the volume buttons) was not properly reinforced, only offering a slim aluminium frame to handle the pressure of everyday life.

However, the bends should not generally occur. Unless however the force put into the phone is done manually. Intentionally trying to get the phone to bend or flex. Or in the instance of wearing tight pants for very extended periods of time, in which the phone is in the front of the pocket, thus making it susceptible to bending.

However this design fault was fixed in later models of the iPhone with reinforced structures so they will not bend. But when bent, an easy fix was a simple trip to iPhone Repair Melbourne, where your bend could be corrected accordingly. Or a visit to an Apple store nearby to get a replacement phone.

How much of an issue is the bend in the phone

Although generally consumers report the iPhone 6 Plus bending, the bend would not be enough to render the phone unusable. The phone still works perfectly fine, and without any issue, besides the aesthetic of having a bent phone.

Apple, released a statement  to address the issue with the “bending phones” stating that the issue was “extremely rare”. The reports are within the first 6 days of sale, only 9 customer came forth to complain of the issue of their iPhones being bent.

So if your iPhone 6 is slightly flexed, then there is hope, taking a visit to BestPhoneRepairs for the best iPhone Repair Melbourne. However the outcome of a bend phone should and will not present itself as an issue with the daily operation of the phone.

Click here to visit BestPhoneRepairs for all your iPhone needs.

Melbourne iPhone repair
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The iPhone 6, The best selling iPhone ever…

The iPhone 6 named the best selling iPhone of all time! What an achievement for the trusty now old device. Many remember the iPhone 6 for bringing forth a new wave for the iPhone market. Introducing the bigger screen, and many many more features – such as touch ID – which in a way has designed the future direction for phones to follow. Now with upgraded models such as the 7, 8 and X, lets take a step back and revisit the iPhone 6 and why it is the best selling iPhone. Further, why you should choose to get iPhone Repair Melbourne, instead of get rid of the iPhone 6.

The features of the iPhone 6

iPhone Repair MelbourneThe Features of the iPhone 6, what makes this now – old device – so popular. Launched in September 2014, the iPhone 6 has made a big splash in the pond of customers, which went crazy for the phone.

It featured a 4.7inch touchscreen which offered great quality display with a resolution of 750 pixels by 1334 at a rate of: Pixels Per Inch – 326! No wonder the screen was so good. The storage capacity had three options, with different price points of course: 16gb, to 64gb and finally the 128gb option. (prices will be very different and fluctuating due to age).

The camera running 8mp on the back, and its forward facing 1.2mp camera offered incredible quality for photos and shooting video. Great selfies and great photos. Although this couldn’t compare with newer technology now, in 2014, this was fantastic!

The iPhone 6 came out with iOS 8.0. With the option to upgrade to iOS 9.0 (as seen with the 6s).

The design was elegant with a (height, width, thickness) of: 138.10 x 67.00 x 6.90. These features making the phone, thin, light and easy to handle. Holding an excellent camera and superb performance with a decent battery life. Now the popularity of the phone is beginning to take shape. It is easy to see why customers went crazy for this phone.

The figures – why is it the best selling iPhone ever?

iPhone Repair MelbourneThe iPhone 6 and its bigger brother the 6Plus are ranked as the best selling iPhone models of all time. The iPhone 6 coming out in front by around one-third. Three months after release the iPhone 6 had already generated 71.5 million unit sales. 71.5 million iPhones sold in three months. The larger 6 plus now accounts for 40% of the tablet style smartphone sales, and has become the second best selling iPhone of all time. With those unit sales increasing over the years, the iPhone 6 has earned it spot as: the most popular iPhone.

This could be a result of the iPhone 6 being popularised in dozens of countries around the world because of its attractive design and hardware, with the inclusion of its features: for example 4K video, a large multi touch display screen and the fingerprint scanner.

Why it is the best selling iPhone ever? It’s because it is still being used! Consumers are still purchasing the iPhone 6! and reviews online are nothing short of great. The iPhone 6 has won the hearts of many customers over, and imbedded itself as one of the best products of phone which Apple has created. iPhone Repair Melbourne, an easy search if you want to fix your iPhone 6, or if you want to take it out of storage, fix it up and sell it to another lucky owner.

You’ve made it all the way down – Congratulations

You’ve made it all the way down here, then you probably agree that the iPhone 6 is a fantastic device. If you still own one then double congratulations. Or if its broken or has a screen crack, then come down to BestPhoneReapairs and we will do an iPhone Repair Melbourne for you and ensure that that iPhone 6 (or any other model) is running the best it can run.

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How far has technology come?

Technology has come a long way since 2013. 2013, was the year the world got to hold for the first time, the iPhone 5s. But now with the release of the iPhone X and iPhone 8 & 8Plus, how would the trusty old iPhone 5s stack up?

You’re in the right place. Today at BestPhoneRepair, we wont be diverging our attention to iPhone Screen Repair Melbourne. but to this article, which is going to highlight if the little guy (the 5s) can still keep up with the *literally* bigger boys (iPhone X).

Lets talk some key differences, BIG key differences

For starters there are some area’s which you can really see the poor iPhone 5s’s age. These areas are: The speed, performance and specs of the phone. But that is really boring and nobody wants to read a long list of specifications.

Click Here and speak to us however if you want some information regarding technicalities with your iPhone.

Today we are focusing on some main selling points that really showcase the difference. Screen, size, the camera and photos and the battery life. Everyone reading will be jumping for joy to hear that battery life has made it onto this list. 

Lets begin…

Screen & Size

The iPhone X has done something fantastic, utilised the screen size of the phone by removing the Bezel. The general size of the actual iPhone has also changed. The iPhone 5s’s dimensions: 4.90 x 2.33 x 0.35 inches as compared to the iPhone X with the dimensions: 5.65 x 2.79 x 0.30 inches. The iPhone X making great use of the screen space available. The screen a total of 5.8 inches with a body to screen ratio of 82%! The iPhone 5s only sitting at 4 inches with a body to screen ratio of 59%. Technology has come a long way. But thats more screen to crack and more screen to break. iPhone screen repair Melbourne can help with that however.

The pixels per inch also dramatically increased going from 326 from the iPhone 5s to 459 with the iPhone X. The display technology also has developed to now use a OLED screen composition with the later product. The features of the display also include: Oleophobic coating, ambient light sensor and a proximity sensor for the iPhone 5s, however the iPhone X has those same features it also boasts HDR video support and pressure sensitive screens.

Photos & Camera

The camera capabilities of the iPhone X really shows where technology has come as far as advancements go, as the iPhone X’s camera completely trumps the iPhone 5s. With a 8 megapixel front camera, the iPhone 5s was great for photos.. until the 12 megapixel iPhone X is around (with previous models continuously getting camera upgrades). The iPhone X also offers an optical zoom which the 5s does not. The iPhone X has a front facing camera of 7 megapixels! compared to the iPhone 5 with a 1.2 megapixel camera.

To really showcase how advanced the technology is, here is a small graph highlighting the key differences between the two. (iPhone X on the right and iPhone 5s on the left)

iPhone Screen Repair Melbourne

This graph shows how advanced technology has come in the form of camera and photo capabilities! The iPhone 5s clearly cannot come close to competing.

Battery life

The battery life has drastically improved from reports from different customers in regards to its everyday use. However no standby and talk time data has been published to the public which is accurate in regards to the battery capacity for standby times (so far – the phone is still relatively new).

The capacity of the batteries for starters is a phone 5s 1507 mAh. Where the iPhone X holds a 2716 mAh capacity. The iPhone X also has built in wireless charging which the previous iPhone 5s does not.

The music playback comparison is also quite large with the iPhone 5s holding 40.00 hours of musical playback. The iPhone X, 60.00 hours of music playback.

Video playback has not got an improvement as large as everything else. With a 3 hour difference, from 10.00 to 13.00

The advancements, oh the advancements

We never really stop to think about how far technology has come in the form of our personal portable world (our iPhones). But when you sit back and compare two models of iPhones, its not hard to recognise how far we truely have come. The beautiful screen resolution, the display and deign, the larger cracks (due to improving screen size) but iPhone screen repair Melbourne will always be around to help that. And the internal features. 

And with ever changing technology and advancements, it’s going to be amazing to see what the future has to hold for our phones. One day we might even see a phone with the potential battery life to last something similar to the iconic Nokia’s. 

So keep your phone in the good condition for as long as possible with iPhone Screen Repair Melbourne. Brought to you by BestPhoneRepair.

Phone Repairs Melbourne
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iPhone 5c – Phone Repairs Melbourne

BestPhoneRepair’s helping you with your Phone Repairs Melbourne.

At BestPhoneRepair, we are dedicated and here for all of your Phone Repairs Melbourne. We service all types of devices, specialising in all major brands for when life hits and your phones suffer damage.

Our iPhone services will have you in and out within half an hour to an hour. Easy, flexible and convenient.  Pop in and see us or contact us for a general inquiry and learn more about our services.

Dedicated to our services

Always providing our customers with the best service and quality work. Some of our services for iPhone Repairs Melbourne include;

Fixing your issues

Coming in after a big weekend? or an accidental drop of your phone? BestPhoneRepair is ready and willing to get your device fixed with quality that will keep you coming back, in the instance of any misfortune with your device.

Dropping your phone on the concrete? No worries for our technicians who will perform a Screen Repair Melbourne. Having that screen and display looking better than ever.

Your volume doesn’t work when using headphones? Your headphone jack port is broken? Not an issue for our technicians who will repair all of the common faults associated with phones, and then going further to the uncommon harder to solve issues.

Speak to one of us today!

Speak to one of our helpful friendly staff today to enquire about our services or grab yourself a quote. Any Phone Repair Melbourne questions you have. Contact Us now!

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iPhone 5

Most repair companies will tell you that the gaming consoles are too complicated to be repaired. But, we say that it is possible because it needs more technicalities that our team has. If you are looking to get your game consoles repaired, come to us and we will make sure that they work as good as the new ones.

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