smartphone battery life
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10 Secrets for Better Smartphone Battery Life

How to make sure that your smartphone battery life is as good as it can be? That smartphone of yours which fits in your pocket, your hand, and has pretty much entered your entire lifestyle, is the modern miracle. Although it is revolutionizing the tech-world, if you keep your smartphone running constantly it will burn off pretty quickly. And we know, there is nothing worse than looking at your phone and realizing it is going to die soon. Or maybe that it is already dead.

smartphone battery life

So here are the 10 essentials to take care of that cornerstone component – your smartphone battery life.

  1. Turn down the brightness, right away

For starters, the best way to keep your phone from dying at the speed of light, is to put the light on little low. It is an obvious tip but putting the brightness below 50% does help in saving your smartphone battery life considerably. If you are too lazy to do it on your own, you can put the night mode on your iPhone. This is going to take care of saving the battery by keeping the brightness low, or as needed. It’s also a good idea to make sure the “Auto-brightness” mode is turned on. This way the screen will automatically dim if you’re in a dark setting.

  1. Come-on, fetch your own emails

Push notifications come handy but they drain so much of your smartphone battery life. And it’s not just emails. It’s everything that keeps popping on your locked screen, reminding you about what you have missed. Think about what goes behind you getting that notification: it takes your phone light, sound, and, if your setting allows, it vibrates too. All that eats up your smartphone battery life. We recommend to toggle push notification options in your settings screen or within the apps themselves, in order to remove all but the vital stuff.

  1. Put your location services on with caution

Have you noticed how when you are around a particular place, your phone sends out updates and good deals from the places around you, especially through food and leisure apps such as Zomato, Yelp, Uber Eats etc? Also, have you noticed how your phone automatically reminds you to check in and tag status updates? Well, this is happening because you have left your GPS data on. This takes toll on your smartphone battery life, so it is a good idea to keep a track of it. You can tell if an app is using location services by looking out for a small arrow on the top of your menu bar.

  1. Switch your wallpaper to a darker shade

Most of the Android devices use AMOLED display, in which each pixel displayed on the screen takes up a lot of battery life. If you are using an iPhone, then you can give this one a pass. But if you have an Android, and you are wondering why is your phone dying too quickly, then try adding more black or darker pixels to your screen. Set a dark wallpaper as your default, and try using dark themes on apps when possible.

  1. Swipe up and wipe away those apps that you never close

On your iPhone, if you click your home button twice, it will show you all the apps that are running in the background when you are not even using them. They are sapping your smartphone battery life. You can save so much battery by just wiping them away after use. The other way to manage these apps on iPhone is to quickly push the home button on the bottom of your iPhone twice to bring up a row of apps currently open on your device. Then hold your finger on one until they all start jiggling: simply tap the red “minus” icon to close the apps completely. Android, on the other hand, has this brilliant feature of “multitask”, which can be managed by closing it via “Manage Applications” and “Running” options on the setting page. It takes a bit of an effort but Android users just need to go down the list and “Force Stop” or “Stop” those apps that are not used and are taking all your smartphone battery life.

  1. If you are not using WiFi, then keep it off

Your phone is a smartphone for a reason, it is pretty darn smart. It sniffs available wireless internet that you can connect to when you don’t even want to use it. So, if you are not using your phone or maybe if you are connected using mobile data, then just follow this simple-but-forgettable tip to put your Wi-Fi off. This will stop your phone from automatically searching for networks—even when you think it’s not—thereby saving your smartphone battery life.

  1. Keep it easy, not too warm, not too cold

Your phone’s battery is made up of Lithium-Ion. This might be irrelevant info but this battery technically cannot withstand extreme weather conditions. If the battery gets too got, it will drain faster. Getting hot will also degrade the battery’s maximum life over time. So some basic tips are: don’t shove your phone in the pockets of super tight jeans, near the stove, under the direct sunlight or inside a roasting car.

  1. Put it on battery saving mode

Just follow these quick steps: open settings, go to battery and put the low power mode on. You can do the same on Android by changing battery settings. The only downside is that the low power mode gets automatically removed when the phone is 80% or more charged. So, it does take a manual labor plus memory, but if you are able to put it on that mode, you will be thanking yourself later.

  1. Consult a battery Doc

There are specific apps that are made for Android and Apple which help you keep track of your smartphone battery life and its usage. These apps monitor your habits and automatically adjust features on your phone to help you save battery life, in case you forget the basics. The best app for Android is created by Qualcomm, known as Snapdragon Battery Guru and if you use iPhone, you can download the app called Power Plus. If you think none of these work, then you can go to some companies around you who offer a free battery check and also replacement if needed. Best Phone Repair offers this service for iPhone, Samsung and most of the other smartphone brands.

  1. If all fails, go get a new battery  

You tried all the tips and had your battery checked, but nothing helped. In that case, your obvious solution to this problem is to get a new battery. If you are an Android user, you have an option to keep an additional battery and keep it charged, in case of an emergency. However, when it comes to iPhones, you don’t have an option to switch out batteries. However, you can use external packs to add some extra smartphone battery life to your phone.

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