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The Flaws Of The Google Pixel 2

The Google Pixel 2 had a much anticipated launch in October of 2017, however despite the phones many attractive features, users have been reporting ongoing problems with the phone. Not all problems are happening with all units, and some may not be of concern to you. However before purchasing read up, and see if the Pixel really is the one for you. We also include easy fixes to some of the most common issues.


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Slow To Wake Up

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The Google Pixel 2 latest security update in June did help with fixing some minor bugs, however users have reported that it is causing delays on the wakeup time of their phone.

Reddit users have been highlighting the issue in the Google Pixel subreddit, discussing the 1-3 second reaction time when opening with touch ID, as well as using the power button. The thread received a response from an official Google account, claiming the company was aware of the issue and working on an update to fix it.

In the meantime the problem can be addressed by setting Ambient Display to ‘Always On’.

Screen Colour Is Off

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A few complaints have been made about the colouring on the screen of their Pixels. One common complaint is that the colour on the screen appears to be dull. This problem is mostly occurring in the Pixel 2 XL, but how much it effects you mostly depends on preference as the colours are still there, just at a lower saturation. The problem can be adjusted by going to settings -> display -> colours, and decide which of the three options you prefer.

Other users have reported problem with a strong blue shift. It is normal for displays to look different at different angles, however users have noticed a strong blueshift on even slightly off-center phones. It’s up to the individual users as to if this would bother you, but there doesn’t seem to be anything to fix this flaw of the screen.

Bad Battery Life

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A consistent problem amongst multiple updates in the Google Pixel 2 seems to be poor battery life. A possible answer for why this seems to be a problem particularly after updates is that a certain app isn’t performing well with the new update and therefor taking up more battery power. Whilst this is often improved in the next updates, things you can do to troubleshoot include:

-Look for apps taking up a lot of power

-Don’t run apps you are not using

-Turn off ‘always-on’ display

-Do not use ‘living wallpaper’

-Reboot the phone

-Reduce brightness

-Turn off unused features

Connection Issues

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Although this is common in any new phone releases these days, the Pixel seems to be worse than normal with the amount of complaints about WiFi connectivity issues. In particular an update in February caused the WiFi connection on Pixels to continually drop out.

This caused be caused by multiple reasons, or it could be that your phone was negatively affected by the update. For short-term fixes we suggest :

-Turning WiFi on and off again

-Restarting router

-Restart the phone

-Reset wifi and bluetooth settings

Headphone Jack Issues

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The Pixel 2 followed in Apple’s footsteps by removing the phone’s headphone jack, instead needing headphones to be connected via the USB-C port, or wirelessly. However unlike the iPhone, the Pixel doesn’t come with a pair of compatible headphones in the box. They do include a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter, however users have been reporting faults with it.

The faulty adapters have been reported to cause the phone to play music out of its speakers instead of the connected headphones. Sometimes replacing the adapter has worked, but for others it requires the phone to be restarted with the adapter in the phone. An inconvenient solution, however Google are reporting to be working on permanent solution.


The Google Pixel 2 is far from a bad phone, although like many, it has its flaws. Some of these may be a non-issue for you, while others may cause a big hassle. A new phone preference is a personal choice, but whatever you choose, we can fix it if needed.

For phone repairs beyond these problems, remember that Best Phone Repairs are able to fix all major phones. For inquiries about Google Pixel repairs that go beyond these problems (or for further help on how to address these) contact us here.